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Case Study

Thermo Fisher Warehouse




73%   Saving   efficiency

$188  Savings / lamp / year

$32   Cost   reduction/lamp/year


·Energy   Saving: 73%

·Client: ThermoFisher Shanghai   Chemical Warehouse

·Solution: iNET/YAN Wireless   Intelligent Lighting System

·Functions: - Automatic on/off

- Time-based illumination

- Motion sensor

- Active fault reporting

- Energy consumption report

·No. of lights: 96pcs

·Light installed: 120W LED   Industrial Lamp




Tianjin Community



82% Saving efficiency

$97 Savings / lamp / year


·Energy saving: 85%

·Client: Tianjin City, Qingdao   Group

·Solution: iNET/YAN Wireless   Intelligent Lighting System

·Function: - Time based   illumination

- Energy consumption report

·No. of lights: 300pcs

·Light installed: Replace 150W   Sodium Light with 60W LED


Tianjin City   Intelligent Lighting


Tianjin has 15.17 million population. It   is one of the four municipalities in China managed directly by the central   government. It is one of the most important international harbors of   china.  Tianjin is the biggest economic   trade center in northen China.

78% Saving efficiency

$56 Savings / lamp / year

$9  Cost   reduction/lamp/year


·Energy Saving: 78%

·Client: Tianjin Street Light Management   Apartment

·Solution: iNET/YAN Intelligent Lighting   System

·Functions: - Automatic control

- Time-based illumination

- Active fault reporting

- Energy consumption report

·Light installed: LED Street Lamp






"This type of control system should be the standard for all future street lighting"

"New technologies continue to evolve and municipalities want to do more than turn lights on and off. They want full smart solutions for monitoring, controlling and managing maintenance. Today YAN measures all electrical parameters of a light and send notifications on faulty lights or other maintenance issue. We also use photo-sensors to measure dawn/dusk light and dim or raise lights."

——— Ke Zhu ,Administration Department, Bayer



"Replacement of tradition light with LED is not our optimum solution as most of the time there are almost no people or car at night. Substantial energy-wastage is caused by street lightings. YAN intelligent street lighting system effectively solved this problem. This system provides an additional 29% energy-saving and greatly reduce man-power cost for lighting inspection. This type of control system will be the standard requirement for all future street lighting."

—— Qingfeng Ji ,Energy Management Office, Mercedes-Benz

E-Lite iNET IoT Lighting Solution - Product Specifications.pdf

Intelligent Control Hardware

⊙ iNET_AC_Intelligent_Light_Controller—NEMA_Type
⊙ iNET_AC_Intelligent_Light_Controller—tandard_Type
⊙ iNET_Intelligent_Gateway

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