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The Crowding Out Effect of Real Estate Industry on LED High Bay Industry

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2016-6-19 20:36:56    

The excess development of real estate industry in Shenzhen will have crowding out effect on led high bay industry. There are too many real estate lands but few large industrial lands. For the development of a big industry, every company needs a certain amount of development area. Rising rental costs and higher consumption rate will bring exert huge pressure on immigrant workers, which will future result in talent loss. For the LED Lighting industry, it can never grow without talents. Particularly, now many LED Lights enterprises are enlarging capacity. The worrying on excessively high rental cost will result in LED business that can hardly grow bigger. The salary in Shenzhen is not high enough to maintain talents. All of these factors can affect the moving of LED lamp s enterprises.

Moreover, the annual growing labor cost is also one of the reason for moving led high bay enterprises. As one of the major costs in manufacturing industry, labor cost control has become a crucial problem for each manufacturing enterprise. 

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