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LED Area Light Enterprises Moving Out Caused by Economy

LED Area Light    
2016-6-16 16:46:06    

Shenzhen used to be the symbol of Chinese LED. Now the output value of led area light in Shenzhen has decreased from 70% of the national output value to one third, and it’s not sure whether it can maintain one fifth by 2020. If the economic environment in a place is problematic, the phenomenon ofLED Lights enterprises moving out will be caused. Although normal industrial transformation will not affect the overall development of economy, the frequent occurrence of enterprise transferring will be a serious strike to the macro economy. The removal of LED Lighting industry is obviously based on the complex reasons of rent, labor cost, industry related government policy, economic transformation and industry upgrading.

The various costs for lamp s manufacturing in Shenzhen remain high and the rent is one of the major costs. By 2015, the standard minimum wage for full-time employees is 2030 yuan per month, and the minimum hourly salary for part-time employment is 18.5 yuan. 

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