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The Luminescence Principle of LED High Bay Light

LED High Bay Light, LED High Bay    
2017-6-19 14:27:43    

Since LED Light fixtures came into being in the world, the best-selling fixtures should be led high bay light. Depending on the feature of energy efficacy, low carbon and environment protection without any pollution, it is welcomed by more and more people. Then are you ever curious why LED high bay is able to win so much good reputation? What is the advantage in contrast of traditional fixtures? What's the difference of them in luminescence principle?

LED high bay.jpgThe reason why LED light is capable of giving out light is due to the function of LED chip. LED, short for light emitting diode, is a device that make current attain the junction place of semiconductor p-n to luminesce. It is always double hetero or quantum well structure. LED high bay light is white light, which is assembled by InGaN blue LED and fluorescent glue. Coating blue LED chip with fluorophore and then seal the chip with epoxy resin. Both methods are able to gain while light in good effect. One is to light up red, green and blue, blue and green or yellow and orange in the same time. The other is to stimulate fluorophore by radiating blue or ultraviolet LED.

After deeply understand the luminescence principle of LED high bay light, it’s very easy to explain why it is so appreciated by people. 

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