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Does Your Export LED Flood Lighting Get Through SAA?

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2017-6-16 13:54:30    

News said that the government of New South Wales had recently updated the product list of compulsory certification, which claimed that all LED Light fixtures exported Australia must get through SAA (Standards Association of Australia) certification since January 29, 2018, including the best-selling LED flood lighting fixtures. So export LED light suppliers, do your products obtain the certification?

LED Flood Lighting.jpgFrom next year, if your LED light fixtures want to enter the Australian market, you must have got the SAA certification and print the certification number in products. Due to the mutual recognition agreement between Australia and New Zealand, all products that gain the certification are able to successfully enter New Zealand market. Even though the total population of the two countries is only 23 million, the power of consumption is very strong.

At present, SAA certification includes two logos, one is for form certification and the other is for standard certification. The former is only to evaluate sample while the latter is to evaluate both sample and the quality assurance system of factory.

There are 7 institutions that have been qualified for accepting SAA certification application (including New Zealand):

· Department of Fair Trading, New South Wales (NSW)

· Department of Mines and Energy, Queensland

· The Office of the Chief Electrical Inspector, Victoria

· Office of Energy Policy, South Australia

· Office of Energy, Western Australia

· Office of Electricity, Standards and Safety, Tasmania

· Ministry of Commerce, New Zealand


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