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The Category of LED Package Resin

LED high bay light, LED flood lighting    
2017-6-15 20:56:40    

LED package resin is the general name of organic silicone material in LED photovoltaic industry. Since the ozone resistance of epoxy resin is relatively weak, colloid is getting yellow so that it would impact transmittance of light. On the contrary, silicone material has had the performance of resistance to atmosphere aging and ultraviolet radiation aging. Therefore, in the application of high-end products, silicone material has successfully substituted epoxy resin.

led high bay.jpgHere's the category of LED package resin.

The category of molecule chain group: it is divided into methyl organic silicone and phenyl organic silicone. At the present time, most of LED products in photovoltaic industry are applied to methyl organic silicone, because the cost of the latter is a little higher.

Application area: it is divided into organic silicone for LED lamp bead package and embedment silicone for LED products. The former contains lens filling silicone and LED solid crystal silicon while the latter's price is low and only for water proof so that it is suitable for many kinds of LED products, such as led high bay light, LED flood lighting, etc.

Vulcanized condition: it is divided into high temperature vulcanized LED silicone and ambient temperature vulcanized LED silicone. No matter which kind of silicone, it won't occur to any heat emission phenomenon during the process of vulcanization. 

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