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Why Does LED Market Tend to Coldness?

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2017-6-15 14:43:25    

From the beginning of the year, LED manufacturers have perceived the situation that LED market tends to be coldness. Consequently, most of workers in the manufactories are on vocation due to lack of order. What's the reason?  

LED High Bay.jpgThe majority of people explain that the reason appearing such situation is that the market has saturated little by little while purchase and sale are unequal. As a matter of fact, it's hard to see LED Light fixtures in second and third class cities. It directly overturns the previous explanation. Other people say that due to the fierce competition of LED market, plenty of big brand companies only promote products but don't make money, aiming to suppress small companies. It's nonsense. In many big brand LED companies, the sale prices of fixtures are much higher than ordinary companies. Even though their sale prices are only to open the market at the expense of non-profit, the amount of companies spending is large. If they are unable to keep the balance between income and expenditure, these companies eventually face the danger of bankruptcy.

Since LED fixtures emerging in the market, the industry threshold is low. As a result, many people follow others' steps to enter this industry. However, these new companies haven't had their own factories and their marketing systems are imperfection to refrain the sales volume. The fatal problem is that they never consider organizing their own technical team. Even though they feel proud of led high bay light, there's not much difference in contrast of preceding years.

Why do many people think that LED marketing is getting more and more coldness? Actually, LED industry has become much more transparency instead of pervious excessive profit. In order to survive in this industry, most of LED manufacturers own their own technical team. What's more, they produce and market all by themselves. In this way, the whole working process has become increasingly professional. 

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