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The Reasons That Cause LED Flood Lighting Bulbs Damage

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2017-6-15 13:56:01    

As the widely used of LED flood lighting, the damage of bulbs has become more and more serious every day. The majority of reasons are due to open circuits.

LED Flood Lighting.jpgWhy are there so many open circuits? For the analysis of defective flood lighting bulbs, the basic reason is that the edge of lens inner wall bends the gold wiring so that it is damaged. Even though for qualified bulbs, dismantle the lens and then you’ll find out that the bending place of gold wiring is directly contacted with the edge of lens. You know, if there's no colloid between gold wiring and lens, the friction of them is easy to damage or even broken the gold wiring.

According to this issue, what should you do to make up? Firstly, adjust the technology of bonding wire of LED flood lighting bulbs so as to make it close to copper cylinder or bring down the camber line. If possible, change the matching specification of lens and holder to prevent that gold wiring is bending with lens. Next, during the process of cover lens, the right operation is to direct at the bulbs and directly cover lens vertically because any impertinent operation may leads to damage gold wiring. In addition, during the process of glue injection, slow down the speed to the benefit of discharging air and decrease the waste of glue. Most of all, it won't damage gold wiring.  

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