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The Aging Process of LED Flood Lighting Fixtures

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2017-6-14 13:47:50    

At present, the application of LED has been widely used in lighting industry and customers' demands about fixtures become more and more difficult. In order to guarantee the qualification rate and provide much more satisfied products for customers, most of LED manufacturers increase the aging test process after completing the assemble of fixtures.

LED Flood Lighting.jpgActually, aging test is to age the test products by high temperature, high voltage, normal voltage, low voltage and switch surge function. Most of aging devices have had compatibility, which is capable of testing many kinds of LED products by changing tooling plate fixtures. Next, let's see the aging process of LED flood lighting fixtures.

· Put LED flood lighting in aging line.

· Set a timing switch for the aging line of fixtures. Turn on the light for three hours and then turn off 6 seconds.

· After set the timing switch, electrify the aging line of fixtures. At this moment, it would record the conduction time automatically. Three hours later, examine the fixtures whether they are able to recover work after six seconds power off or not.

· If fixtures are able to work normally, cut off the power and reset the timing switch for flood light aging line. Electrify six seconds and then deenergize six seconds. Repeat the test as long as one hour.

If LED flood lighting fixtures have passed through these test processes, it means they are qualified to delivery or they need to be repaired. 

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