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The Lumens Depreciation of LED Lamp Bead

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2017-6-14 11:50:22    

As one of the new-style green lighting fixtures, LED has welcomed by more and more customers depending on the features of energy efficacy, environmental protection and long service time. However, the Lumens depreciation of lamp bead has become a trouble problem step by step that LED Light fixture has to face. Uninterrupted lumens depreciation has had a strong impact on the service condition of fixtures.

LED Garage Light.jpgAccording to the present situation, lumens depreciation is likely to the first problem that holds back LED march towards household lighting. So what leads to lumens depreciation of LED? In general, there are two factors as following.

The quality of LED products: on the one hand, if the quality of LED chip is not good, the brightness is attenuation rapidly. On the other hand, the manufacturing technique exist flaw so that heat dissipation of LED chip is unable to derive from the foot of PIN. As a result, the attenuation of chip is being aggravated by excess temperature.

Working condition: LED lamp bead is constant current driving while some lamp bead adopts voltage driving to cause lumens depreciation. Besides, if working current is larger than rated current, it also occurs to attenuation.

As a matter of fact, there are many factors that results in lumens depreciation of LED products. Heat dissipation is the most important issue. Apart from this, heat resistance, epoxy and placode are still concerned with lumens depreciation. 

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