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LED Flood Lighting Bulb Is Out of Work?

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2017-6-13 14:12:22    

At the present time, some customers complaint now and then that their purchased LED flood lighting bulbs have some problems. When turn off the lights at the beginning, they work normally. However, all of them are out of work after a short period of time. What's the reason?

LED Flood Lighting.jpgGenerally speaking, there are the following three possibilities that cause this condition.

Firstly, the internal circuit is bad contact. Check the connection of circuit carefully. If you find out any bad contact, weld it with electric soldering iron in time to avoid unexpected danger.

Secondly, the voltage of LED driver is too low. There are two situations that lead to low voltage, one is that LED driver is damaged and the other is the voltage of battery is too low. If it is the first situation, it's necessary to change a new LED driver. On the contrary, if it is just because of low voltage, you only need to make the battery be fully charged.  

Thirdly, LED chip is broken. If the above two situations are fail to solve the problems of flood lighting bulbs malfunction, it's time for examine whether LED chip is broken or not. The examination and replacement of LED chip is a little complex, you'd better ask a professional electrician for help to keep off any impertinent operation to aggravate the extent of damage.  

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