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Metal Halide or LED Flood Lighting, Which One Do You Like Best?

Metal Halide, LED Flood Lighting    
2017-6-11 20:58:38    

Metal halide belongs to gas discharge lamp, which features on high color rendering index, strong penetrability of light and high temperature resistance. Its accent lighting effect is so good that it is the first choice of brand monopolized shop lighting, large-scale exhibition room lighting, dress shop lighting, home textiles lighting, etc. However, the only drawback of metal halide is that it is not able to give out light until the voltage arrives in 700v-1000v after being electrified. Furthermore, it must work with trigger capacitance and ballast box. As a result, the weight of a finished metal halide is at least 2 kilometers, which is far higher than LED light bulb.

LED Flood Light.jpg

LED flood lighting is a kind of LED light, which directly converts electric energy into light energy by light emitting diode. As a new style green light source product, the application of LED light bulb has been attracting the eyes of the world. At the current situation, LED flood lighting has stepped into utility model phase and intelligent control phase. Whereas, in contrast of metal halide in the same light system efficacy, the upfront cost of flood lighting fixture is a little higher, which has become an important reasons that most of people would like to choose metal halide.

As the declining of LED light price year after year and promoting of the people's consciousness of energy conservation and emission reduction, LED bulb has enjoyed brick sales in the lighting market. So, you the wise, metal halide or LED flood lighting, which one do you like best?

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