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Lens improves the luminance of LED Flood Lighting

LED Flood Lighting, LED Light Bulb    
2017-6-9 11:47:12    

Nowadays, LED light bulbs have governed lighting industry with absolute advantage. For LED manufacturers, they are anxious about the luminance of bulbs every day. Some manufacturers' system light efficacy of LED flood lighting is able to arrive in 180lm/W while the minority manufacturers' efficacy is even less than 100lm/W. In order to maximize luminance, manufacturers have racked their brains trying to figure out how to improve the system light efficacy. 

LED Flood Lighting.jpgAs a matter of fact, lens is the reason why the efficacy of LED is as high as 180lm/W. Matching with corresponding lens is benefit to greatly enhance the luminance of bulbs. Besides, the luminance range would endlessly enlarge within certain limits.

With the emergence of lens, LED light bulbs has not only made great progress in luminance, but also promoted the irradiation range and also cut down energy consumption in the surface. Lens gives full play to the reflection principle in physics. Reflection cup is made into cone shape. When LED gives out light, the slippy surface of cone would get the light source together, aiming to illuminate further distance.   

As the development of economy and diversification of industry, the productive material of lens has changed, which has turned the initial glasses into silicon or PMMA, so as to generate the best LED flood lighting. 

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