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Why Does LED Area Light glimmer after being cut off

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2017-6-9 11:28:19    

In the several days, some customers ask frequently in the forum why LED area light glimmers after being switch off all night long. What's worse, even electrician can't figure out the reason. Therefore, customers get into panic. They even doubt the quality of the purchasing fixtures.

LED Area Light.jpgIn fact, it doesn't matter with fixtures but it just a commonsense mistake that electrician made for carelessness.

Why does fixture glimmer after being cut off? That's because electrician misconnected power switch into null line instead fire line. Every electrician should know that power switch must be connected into fire line to get rid of electric shock hazard. If link the switch into null line, fire line would continue supply power to LED driver after switch off, which leads to the fixture continue to glimmer after you turn off it.

The main reasons that cause fixtures keep shinning after being turned off is because the fixtures are charged. LED chip is very sensitive to current. Even a wire is not formed into current circuit, then in all kinds of complex reaction condition, it may give out a little light. There are about four circumstances as following.  

1. Switch controls the null line while fire line directly enters into fixture.

2. The switch has indicator light or it is electronic switch, such as infrared switch, sound control switch or remote switch.

3. The mode of connection about double control switch is wrong.

4. The null line is charged. 

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