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Four Parameters for Determining the Quality of LED Light Fixtures

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2017-6-8 13:40:26    

In LED Light fixtures market, the offered price from manufacturers is far behind. No one stops even a second to constantly brag about how well their products quality. As a layman, how to distinguish whether the quality of LED light fixtures arrive in the standard? All in all, there are four parameters for determining the quality of LED.

LED High Bay.jpgLumen depreciation: For high quality LED light fixtures, the lumen depreciation is always less than 30 percent before 25,000 hours. The key factor that determines lumen depreciation is the quality of light source and the difference of heat dissipation structure.

System light efficacy: It also means the number of lumens per watt and reflects the capacity of fixtures energy saving. The better the save electricity of fixtures is, the higher the system light efficacy. Up to now, the system light efficacy from some poor quality fixtures is less than 100lm/W while some high quality LED light, such as LED flood lighting or led high bay light, the efficacy is up to 160lm/W. What's more, the value still remains to improve in the near future.  

Light source: Generally speaking, import big power light source is always superior to domestic light source. Even though we can't figure out the brand of light source from the appearance, the simplest way is to compare the price of fixtures. Import light source is much higher than domestic ones.

LED driver: In theory, the service time of LED is 100,000 hours, but LED driver is less than 100,000 hours. In order to guarantee the service time of fixtures, LED driver plays an important role. Otherwise, LED must be constant current driver because low cost constant voltage may shorten the service time of LED. 

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