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The Features of SMD 200W LED Area Light

SMD 200W LED Area Light    
2017-6-6 13:42:22    

SMD, short for surface mounted devices, has been widely used in LED industry. So far, SMD LED has a wide range of types, such as 0805, 1206, 3514, 3528, 5050 etc. In LED industry, SMD 3528 and 5050 are the most widely used specification. The characteristic of all kinds of SMD is nearly the same but there is some difference between powers. The most common power of SMD 5050 is 0.5 watt while 3528 is 0.06 watt. There's also some exception in some cases.

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Now, let's see the features of SMD 200W LED Area Light.

 ·  Luminance efficacy is high and the spectrum is narrow.

 ·  Color rendering index is so high that it's vivid to display the color of object itself. What's more, it is excellent in reducing capacity of color.

·   It is green and environmental protection without any lead and mercury noxious substance.

·  The current is constant and service time is as long as 50,000 hours with low Lumens depreciation.

·  High quality imported chip has effectively decreased energy dissipation and enhance the capacity of antistatic electricity.  

·  The fixture is super bright and the consistency of photochromic is good.

·  Silicone encapsulation technique is suitable for relatively standard.

Apart from LED Area Light, SMD LED is also fit for led high bay, LED flood light, LED garage light and other lighting fixtures.


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