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The Application of Dimmable LED High Bay Light

Dimmable LED High Bay Light    
2017-6-4 23:01:20    

Dimmable means adjusting the luminance of fixture so as to create different environmental atmosphere in accordance with customers' requirement. In the past few years, incandescent and metal halide have been widely used in the area of dimming. Afterwards, with the constant generalize of energy conservation and emission reduction, LED light bulb has begun to display development tendency after defeating the hindernisse of dimmable technology. In this case, dimmable led high bay Light has gradually sprung up. Up to now, it has turned into the developing direction of tens and thousands of large scare LED lighting industries.

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The advantage of dimmable LED Light bulb:

Super energy efficacy: 50W LED High Bay Light is able to substitute 150W metal halide. Most of all, the fractional energy saving is more than 90 percent.

Long service time: the service time of LED light is over 50,000 hours, which is 8 times higher than metal halide.

High safety factor: with less heat emission, it is capable of effectively protecting circuit in order to decline potential safety hazard.

All countries in the world have officially started to forbid incandescent since 2015 and given support to LED lighting industries, which helps LED market welcome unprecedented opportunities for development. So far, dimmable LED High Bay Light is suitable for many applications, such as workshop, warehouse, toll station, gas station, super market, exhibition building, parking lot, etc. 

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