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How to Distinguish High Quality LED High Bay Light

High Quality LED High Bay Light,    
2017-6-2 13:38:20    

The quality of LED light bulb is determined by the quality of every component in fixture. So let's see how to distinguish high quality led high bay light.

LED High Bay.jpgThe luminance of fixture

Distinguishing LED high bay light should start with checking the luminance. One of the biggest features of LED high bay is environmental protection and energy efficacy without ultraviolet ray and radiation. Therefore, it is the safest and best lighting products to people. The design of luminance and color is very special so that the luminance of a good LED high bay never stimulates eyes. On the contrary, it brings people a relaxed feeling. When picking up a fixture, we'd better firstly experience the luminance of high bay light.

The capacity of anti-static electricity

If the capacity of anti-static electricity is stronger, the product is better. When knowing about every product, it's a good way to contrast the capacity of anti-static electricity for different brand products in the same price level. In this way, we could figure out which cost performance of brand is higher.

The chip of fixture

We could distinguish the quality of chip by the size and birthplace of fixture. Among the same brand, if the quality of chip is better, the price of LED high bay light is higher. If we want to acquire which brand of high bay is better, we could check the size of chip. In addition, the birthplace of chip also influences the quality of fixture.  

In addition, the life time of high quality LED high bay light is much longer than metal halide or high pressure sodium lamp with less energy consumption but high security.


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