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1000W Waterproof LED Flood Lighting in E-Lite

1000W Waterproof LED Flood Lighting,    
2017-6-1 20:45:56    

Located in Chengdu, China, E-Lite Semiconductor Inc. has newly promoted 1000W Waterproof LED flood lighting, which also belongs to Edge series and is similar to low power LED flood lighting, with the function of waterproof. The major application is high mast lighting, sports lighting, general lighting and security lighting.

LED Flood Lighting.jpgThe LED driver of 1000W waterproof flood lighting is AC220V so the voltage of fixture is also AC220V. In this way, any application could use this fixture on condition that the voltage reaches AC220V. In general, a 1000W LED Flood Lighting is the equal of two 2000W metal halide Lamp. Surely, it only aims at high quality fixture. If the quality of fixture is not good enough, the luminance of LED is relatively low. The luminance of fixture is determined by quality instead of power.

The chip of this high power LED flood lighting comes from Philips Lumileds so that the stability is extremely high and system light efficacy arrives in 135 LPW. Its service time is more than 50,000 hours, which is over 10 times longer than traditional light source. It is thought as a low-invest and high-return product. With flexible and modular design, the LED driver of fixture is totally separated from modular. Single modular is very convenient to maintenance and operation. In addition, the color rendering index of 1000W LED flood lighting is so good that the luminance is stable without any change. Therefore, it is much more vivid to present the color of real object. Meanwhile, the Color temperature of LED driver is optional so as to satisfy different environments' need.    

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