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No UL Label for Export LED Flood Lighting?

LED Flood Lighting    
2017-5-31 14:16:13    

At the present time, I see a post in some forum, saying that, “one of my foreign country customers has made a reservation a cabinet and the products are LED Flood Lighting last month. So far, the bespoke products have been finished and are waiting for shipping but the customer asked to attach UI label. However, our factory hasn't passed UL certification. So what should we do to solve the thorny problem? What's worse, the customer even demanded to reissue the UL label of products in the las year. It makes me a bit headache. Now our products are eager to deliver. Do you have any good suggestions, please?”

LED Flood Lighting.jpgWhat is UL certification? UL is the abbreviation of Underwriter Laboratories Inc., which is the most authoritative non-government institution in the United States and engages in security experiment. Meanwhile, it is also an independent and nonprofit professional institute, doing experiment for public security.  

Actually, not only this customer, all foreign country customers have highly valued UL certification. Therefore, in my opinion, the best choice is to pass UL certification for your LED Flood Lighting in a very short period of time. It's reported that UL certification could has been got in one week on condition that all materials are prepared. 

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