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How to Search Customers for your LED Light Bulb?

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2017-5-26 13:32:41    

For a LED light bulb manufacturer, the most important thing is must find customers for your products. Then how to find out the potential customers?

LED High Bay Lighting.jpgPurchasing information

The most common way is to search purchasing information by search engine. Professional LED business and industry websites have a great many of purchasing information. In these websites, you only need to choose and input suitable keywords, and then you can see plenty of information which is posted by potential customers in the pages.

Search dealer

Dealers not only need to purchase products but also need to sell products. Hunt for some large scale LED light bulb dealers. Even if they won't post any purchasing information, they must need supply of products since that they specialize in sell. Certainly, they may have had some supply channels, but it doesn't mean you don't have any opportunity.

In addition, we could collect company info by yellow page websites, business alliances and exhibitions. If you have enough time, you'd better take a try in some social websites, forums and other instant chats. These methods may not be suitable for all people, but if you lose the chance to take a try, how could you know which one is fit for you?

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