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The Present Situation of LED Light Bulbs

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2017-5-25 14:08:23    

As a lighting fixtures manufacturer many years, even if our primary goal is to produce and sell LED light bulbs, we also want to make customers buy the most suitable bulbs for themselves with ease. Then how to preferably help customer? We'd better be aware of the present situation of LED light bulbs.

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In the last decade, the lighting world has undergone rapid changes with the emergence and proliferation of LED lighting technology. In 2010, less than 10 manufacturers occupied 90 percent of the lighting market. Seven years later, the market share has raised more than 400 manufacturers, and each one possesses their fluid and iterative own product line. What kind of growth rate it is at earth?

With the increase of bulbs yield, the quality of LED light bulbs should decrease greatly. Therefore, facing lighting market with admixture of good and evil, we always deeply feel uncomfortable. We all know that the reason why LED technology is so popular is that it is energy efficiency and environmental protection. So far, it has been regarded as the most ideal luminaire and even able to substitute the energy consumption traditional bulbs. In the largest challenge from lighting market, the only way of survival for LED manufacturers is to consistently improve light system efficacy, heat dissipation and driving technology.

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