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A Wise Decision to Purchase LED Flood Lighting Now?

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2017-5-25 11:59:35    

In the last several years, you are likely to resist purchasing LED flood lighting because you are unable to accept the high up-front cost despite the promised energy saving, long service time and other benefits. However, the condition is quietly changing in the past two years and getting better. Therefore, we can't help but ask that is it a wise decision to purchase LED flood lighting now?

LED Flood Light.jpgYou may have noticed the reduction on the price of flood lighting and started to wonder if it was finally an affordable price for you. If that sounds like your style, you must be entangled with price in the daily life. Like Apple iPhone, the issued price of 5s was more than 5000 RMB. It has decreased double after only several years. So are some big brand clothes. There is a world of difference between selling price in the beginning and end of season.

Actually, if you are very interested in buying LED flood lighting but sensitive to high up-front cost, it's a wise decision to purchase now. Data shows that the net profit that manufacturer sells a flood light is less than 20 percent of selling price. What's more, the quality and performance are much better than previous products. So what you are waiting for?

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