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Is It a Good Idea to Replace Traditional Flood Light with LED Flood Lighting?

Traditional Flood Light, LED Flood Lighting    
2017-5-24 13:55:41    

Recently, I saw a post in some business forum, which said that a customer sent him a project. The customer intended to substitute all the 150W traditional flood lights for LED flood lighting. It is actually a good idea but unfortunately, he only wanted to change the light but reserve the outer cover. I can't help but ask, “Is it a good idea?”

LED Flood Lighting2.jpgIn the comment, someone suggested him to use corn light. However, the maximum wattage of corn light is only 15W. Imagine that, if replace 150W traditional flood light with 15W corn light, the luminance is not enough to achieve the present effect. If so, it's meaningless to retrofit process so that it's unnecessary to change them.

The light source of traditional flood light is always R7S. In lighting market, 15W LED R7S maybe could replace them but the shortcoming is that the length of LED R7S is 189mm, which is not enough to traditional flood light. However, it is a way of resolution.  

Actually, the best solution is to recommend customer to substitute the whole luminaire with LED flood lighting because it's very easy to change and no need to consider the restriction of length and mounting place. What's more, it is nearly the same with tradition luminaire. The number of R7S luminaire is much less than flood lighting bulb in the lighting market so the cost is a little higher. Besides, the wattage and length of R7S luminaire can't satisfy the needs. Therefore, why not replace traditional flood light with LED flood lighting 

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