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The Distinction between LED Wall Pack Assembly

LED Wall Pack Assembly, LED Wall Pack    
2017-5-24 11:44:45    

In most LED Wall Pack companies, the steps of assembly are a little complexed while the assembly is very simple in E-Lite Semiconductor Inc. Now let's see how to assembly LED Wall Pack and the distinction between assembly from E-Lite and other companies.

LED Wall Pack.jpgThe assembly of other companies is like this:

1. Open the Luminaire.

· Unscrew the two outside screws.

· Lift the top to expose the wiring.

· Easily disconnect and reconnect the power.

· Remove the bottom screw to mount.

· Pass the wires through the bottom panel.

2. Reassemble the luminaire

· Attach the hinges firstly.

· Close the housing, but tuck in the wires.

· Reattach the two side screws.

· It's easily to put back together.

3. Attach the glare shades.

· Attach the glare shades to the two side clamps.

· Fix the glare shades with two provided screws.

Is it too much trouble, right? The assembly of E-Lite is very simple. Customers don't need to open and reassemble the luminaire because E-Lite has finished these steps for them. The only thing that customers need to do is just to attach the glare shades to the luminaire. 

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