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LED Area Lights for Sale in E-Lite

LED Area Lights for Sale, LED Area Lights    
2017-5-23 14:01:49    

E-Lite Semiconductor Inc. is a professional LED lighting fixture supplier in China. It has specializes in producing various kinds of bespoke fixtures for customer from home country or abroad. The company offers the high efficient LED area lights for sale that can last for more than a decade of regular use.

LED Area Light.jpgThe LED area lights for sale have all advantages of the energy saving, low heat, low power consumption, long service time, instant reaction, difficult to damage with external shock and does not contain hazardous element, no Mercury and no other toxic materials, provides the best substitution of conventional lighting, becomes the best substitution of conventional lighting, makes everything look more vibrant and lifelike.

LED Area Lights is suitable for both industrial and commercial lighting, which can be used in many applications, tunnels, billboards, building contour, public squares, sport stadiums, factories, railway stations and harbors, high mast, car park, outdoor security lighting and so forth. In recent years, it has been the most essential parts during the construction of city.

At the present time, the LED area lights for sale in E-Lite have two series, Smart series and Edge series included. Smart series is square shape while Edge series is rectangle shape. Apart from appearance, there’s no much difference between the two products. 

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