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Big Power LED Outdoor Flood Lighting in E-Lite

LED Outdoor Flood Lighting,    
2017-5-22 14:22:55    

E-Lite Semiconductor Inc. has launched big power LED Outdoor Flood Lighting from the beginning of this year, which is mainly suitable for high mast lighting, sport lighting, general lighting and security lighting. Compared with small power LED Flood Lighting, the system light efficacy of big power is 135 LPW, a little higher than small power flood lighting. So far, LED outdoor flood lighting with big power in E-Lite has four kings of wattage, and that is 600W, 800W, 1000W and 1200W.

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LED outdoor flood lighting, adopted by flexible and modular design, has featured on multiple choices of optical lenses, easy installation and maintenance and five years warranty. All the LED chips are from Philips Luminleds, take 1200W LED flood lighting for example, and the Lumen output is as high as 162,000 lm. In some special condition, if customers are eager to use other brand of LED chip or driver, we’d like to change at any time.

As the increase of wattage, the volume and weight of fixtures are accordingly rising. In contrast of other small power fixtures, the requirement of mounting is much more rigorous. Most big power LED Outdoor Flood Lighting is used AYMB bracket mounting. As for the IP grade, our products could reach in IP66 so that customers could feel free to use. 

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