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Beam Angle of 600W LED Flood Lighting Fixture

600W LED Flood Lighting Fixture,    
2017-5-22 13:45:46    

Have you ever heard of beam angle before? Actually, it means the beam angle of LED component. In normal condition, the beam angle of LED flood lighting is 120 degree. Certainly, the beam angle is not constant but able to adjust at will. The bigger the beam angle, the better the astigmatism effect, while the luminance is opposite, which would decrease with the increase of beam angle. If reduced the beam angle, the strength of light would rise but the range of illuminate is shortened.

In E-Lite, just 600W LED Flood Lighting Fixture contains nine kinds of beam angle, not mention to other fixture products, including the following:

·  30×100°(TYPEⅠ-VS-Cutoff)

·  60 x 100°(TYPEⅠ-VS-Cutoff)

·  70 x 135°(TYPE Ⅱ-S-Cutoff)

·  75 x 145°(TYPE Ⅱ-M-Cutoff)

·  60×150°(TYPE Ⅲ-M-Non-Cutoff)

·  65×100°(FT-TYPE Ⅳ-S-Full-Cutoff)

·  90°(TYPE Ⅴ-VS-Cutoff) 

·  110°(TYPE Ⅴ-VS-Cutoff)

·  150°(TYPE Ⅴ-VS-Cutoff)

LED Flood Lighting.jpg

According to the pictures, we could figure out the obvious difference of LED Flood Lighting between Luminous flux and lighting efficacy.

If you want to know more information about the beam angle of 600W LED Flood Lighting Fixture, please download the standard manual or contact customer service. 

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