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The Comparison of Defects between CFL and LED Light Bulb

CFL and LED Light Bulb, LED Flood Lighting    
2017-5-19 13:37:57    

CFL, also named compact fluorescent lamp, is a kind of lighting equipment that is composed by fluorescent lamp and ballast. On the contrary, LED, short for light emitting diode, is a solid state semiconductor device with the capability of converting electric energy into light energy. LED light bulb gives out light by electric field, which is totally different from CFL that depends on the luminous theory of tri-phosphor.

LED Flood Light.jpgIt's no doubt that everyone is deeply familiar with the virtues of CFL and LED light bulb. Next, let's see their defects.   

CFL defect:

· Produce mercury pollution during in the process of used or abandoned.

· As glass product, it is easy to be broken. Besides, it's hard to transportation and installation.  

· Consume a large number of electric.

· The life time is short and it is at most an energy saving product in name only.


LED light bulb defect

· Up-front cost is high.

· Big power LED light bulb is low in efficiency.

· Color rendering index is not as good as expected.

· Work in constant current condition, so it needs dedicated driving circuit.

In terms of system light efficacy, CFL is a little lower than LED light bulb. In normal condition, the efficiency of CFL is only 50-65lm/W, while LED is as high as 100-130lm/W. Some products are even higher, such as Apollo series LED Flood Lighting in E-Lite, whose efficiency is able to arrive in 155 lm/W.

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