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5 Suggestions for Switching Parking Lots to LED Lighting Fixtures

LED Flood Lighting, LED Garage Lighting    
2017-5-17 14:00:41    

Parking lots are always the applications that tend to be difficult to switch fixtures, typically requiring special equipment like a lift or even bucket truck, which makes the maintenance of fixtures turn into a total headache. Therefore, when a customer intends to test the quality of our fixtures and asks us where they should retrofit first, we never hesitate to answer them with parking lots. As for the suitable fixtures, LED Flood Lighting and LED Garage Lighting are the best choice. Here's a list of 9 suggestions to help you pull off a successful parking lots retrofit.

LED Flood Lighting.jpg1. Ensure basic installation conditions and specifications

When we want to switch parking lots to LED Lighting Fixtures, the first thing we need to do is to ensure basic installation conditions and specifications, including installation height, voltage, and the number and wattage of fixtures. Certainly, this is not a comprehensive list, but a starting point. Depending on the project, we may want to verify more or fewer details.

2. Check whether existing fixtures have photocells

Photocells may make the retrofit process more complicated. Let the installers know ahead of time so as to provide them enough time to deal with them perfectly.

3. Pay attention to the fixtures'warranty more than the rated life

For LED Flood Lighting and LED Garage Lighting, the too-good-to-be-true life rating doesn't mean too much but the fixtures'warranty is a significant specification. If the manufacturer is not willing to back that claim with a fair warranty, all promises are in vain.

4. Choose a reputable manufacturer

This suggestion is certainly suitable for all interior and exterior LED lighting fixtures. We must be CRItical to vet manufactures and make sure their products are proven. Before talking with professional electrician, don't take the bait on any cheap and off-brand products.

5. Store some spare LED drivers in parking lots

LED driver is always the accessory in LED Lighting Fixtures that is easiest out of order. It's not a bad idea to store some spare LED drivers in parking lots to quickly replace any faulty fixtures. Of course, it's no need to purchase any drivers. If we order a large quantity of fixtures, the manufacturers always would like to provide us some accessories for free, including LED drivers. 

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