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Retrofitting Parking Lots to LED Garage Light Bulbs

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2017-5-17 11:57:32    

In recent years, with the rapidly progress of high buildings and the number of cars, parking lots have become the essential parts of buildings. Due to lack of natural light source and need lighting for a long period of time, lighting electricity has held 80 percent of operational electric consumption. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 400,000 parking lots. Our country has strongly being advocated energy conservation and emission reduction, so imagine how much energy we could save if we retrofit all parking lots fixtures to LED Garage Light Bulbs.

LED Garage Light.jpgParking lots belong to special lighting sites, such as large areas, low floor height, intensive equipment and pipelines, little or even no natural light. Therefore, it must be considered carefully during lighting design. Any design flaw in lighting system may influence driving safety, mislead driving direction or waste energy. Fortunately, we have gained better opportunity to pick up the most suitable fixtures with the birth of fourth generation lighting.    

LED Garage Light Bulb is a veteran solid state light source, featured on less energy consumption, instant reaction, flexible and module design, optional and adjustable beam angle on the basis of parking lots layout. LED Garage light has greatly satisfied the lighting need of cars and improved the comfort by dimming control. On the whole, with less heat released, the temperature of LED light is low, which is benefit to effectively prolong the life time of fixtures. Moreover, LED light helps us to save plenty of maintenance cost because it’s no need to change fixtures frequently. As a result, the working condition of lighting fixtures is guaranteed and the lighting quality is improved. 

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