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The maintenance cost of switching to LED Lighting Bulbs

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2017-5-16 14:43:29    

Since that LED Lighting Bulbs are considered the drastic energy efficiency gains, the up-front costs for purchasing fixtures become more reasonable. Besides, in contrast of traditional incandescent or halogen light bulb, the maintenance cost of switching to LED Lighting bulbs is also attractive.

led High Bay.jpgIndeed, lighting maintenance can also be costly. If the bulbs that you used are high bay light in industrial lighting, in some cases, you have to rent costly equipment like bucket trucks or lifts just to change out burned out light bulbs. As you can imagine, the cost of the equipment rental dwarfs the actual material cost of replacement bulbs. Even though the installation positions of bulbs are not very high and you could save the rent cost of equipment, you have to pay someone to go to the stock room, get a light bulb and ladder, and then go change out the failed bulb. The expenses are not that cheap. In addition, the life time of traditional bulbs is about 1,000 hours while LED Lighting Bulbs are as long as 50,000 hours. In view of the life time, the total life time of 50 bulbs can reach the LED light.

It seems that the maintenance of light bulbs is indeed a headache for you. If so, why not tally up the annual costs you spend on these bulbs maintenance and take retrofit into consideration.  

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