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The Electricity Cost of retrofitting to LED Lighting Bulbs

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2017-5-16 14:37:25    

It seems like more people are considering changing the channel from traditional cable for on-demand, more customizable TV streaming services. So, have you ever considered retrofitting your traditional bulbs to LED Lighting Bulbs? If you've considered this, why haven't you put into practice? Is it because of the selling price? You've probably looked at the price and thought, “How can they get away with charging that kind of money?”

LED Flood Lighting.jpgIf you are always wandering in the lighting market, you must hear that many sellers ever claimed that LED Lighting bulb is an energy efficiency fixture which could save much more money for you. Certainly, as for numerical value, no one knows. Therefore, we refuse to comment. Now, let's calculate the exact value together.

For example, if I run 100 halogen light bulbs with 150-watt per lamp in 15 hours a day during a 30-day month, so the total watts of lighting would be 15,000W and the total hours operated would be 450 hours. Therefore, the total electricity is 15,000 watts X 450 hours / 1,000 = 6,750 kWh. Next, let's assume that I pay $0.12 per kWh of electricity, which is a reasonable national average. The total electricity costs for the month is 6,750 kWh X $0.12/kWh = $810

For comparison, switching to 100 LED Flood Lighting Bulbs with 50-watt per LED bulb would have lowered the cost that month to $270. As you can see, depending on the hours of operation and the type of existing lighting you have, the cost of waiting can be significant, not mentioned to the luminance of the distinction between them.

In fact, LED Lighting Bulb is, on average, 90 percent more energy efficient than a traditional incandescent or halogen light bulb. On this condition, it's totally worth retrofitting to LED bulbs. 

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