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The Product Introduction of 200W LED Flood Lighting Fixture

200W LED Flood Lighting Fixture,    
2017-5-15 14:02:07    

Applied to Cree XT-E, the Lumen output of Smart series 200W LED Flood Lighting Fixture in E-Lite has been as high as 21,000 lm with 130 lm/W efficacy.

LED Flood Lighting.jpg

There are many features about LED Flood Lighting, mainly including:

· Flexible, modular design;

· Multiple choices of optical lenses;

· Advanced, vortex air flow thermal management;

· Easy, low cost maintenance and repair;

· UL, CUL certified to wet location.

The beam angle of flood lighting fixture contains 30 degree lens, 45 degree lens, 85/135 degree lens (clear/frosted). Certainly, different beam angle has been corresponding to different mounting height and tilt. The mounting height of 30 degree lens is 18 m with 60 tilt and 45 degree lens is 12m with 60 tilt while 85/135 degree lens is 9m without any tilt. Meanwhile, the field angle of 30 degree lens is 48 degree, 45 degree lens is 73 degree and 85/135 degree lens is 130 x 150 degree.

As for mounting methods, LED Flood Light has 4 ways, including surface mount, universal hanging bracket, mounting bracket c/w clapping ring and slip fitter mount. Users could purchase different mounting methods fixture on the basis of their condition.

So far, LED Flood Lighting Fixture is widely used in car parking lots, corridor, security and roof tops. 

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