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LED Lighting Fixtures are out of order?

LED Lighting Fixtures, LED High Bay Lighting    
2017-5-12 13:32:13    

Depending on the feature of energy efficiency and low-carbon environment, LED Lighting Fixtures has interpenetrated into all fields of our life. The fixtures have been highly praised by users for high-end technology, but malfunctions happen from time to time. Someday, what should you do if LED Lighting Fixtures are out of order? How can you vindicate our benefits?

LED High Bay.jpgIn fact, most LED manufacturers commonly offer three years free warranties for their sold products, some even guarantee 5 years free warranties, such as E-Lite Semiconductor Inc. obviously, we want to point out that it's very important to pay close attention to the warranties that manufacturers promise, including how long have they been in LED business and how reputable is their brand? Most of all, we must ensure the warranties they are offering is not only the paper they are written.  

As consumers, when the led high bay Lighting or other Lighting Fixtures are out of order, you must want an easy process, a single point of contact, clear expectations and the manufacturers that back their claims. However, like any other warranties, the details of lighting warranties are still rigorous. There is no luck of such manufactures who promised a lot during selling fixtures. However, when the fixtures malfunction, they should disclaim responsibility for their products.

So, what do you do if the warranties aren't long enough for your situation? What do you do if the warranty is prorated and you expect full replacement? What do you do if the warranties don't cover labor to replace failed products? There is now a market for extended LED warranties. If you think 5 free warranties are not enough for you, you can buy extended warranties for your LED Lighting Fixtures as you can purchase one for computers, automobiles or TVs.  

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