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How to Solve LED Lighting Fixtures Dimming Problems

LED Lighting Fixtures, LED High Bay    
2017-5-11 13:50:55    

As we mentioned before, LED Lighting Fixtures have dimming problems for years. So do you want to know how to solve these problems?

LED High Bay.jpg1. Purchase dimmable LED fixtures

If you want your fixtures could dimmable, the first thing you should do is purchase dimmable LED fixtures. Dimming system is an important part of new generation LED fixtures. If you are used to halogen lamp, surely it is unnecessary to consider dimmable or non-dimmable problem because halogen lamp doesn't exist dimming function. On more things, not all of LED fixtures are dimmable. Therefore, you'd better communicate with lighting manufacturers and carefully acquire about the fixtures’ dimmability before purchasing.

2. Learn the relationship between fixtures and control systems

Actually, LED occurs to dimming problems because fixtures don't suit with control systems. More specifically, in order to get LED Lighting Fixtures to dim normally, you need a proper pairing between the fixtures and the control systems. Obviously, a new led high bay lighting with dimming system hasn't had any unmatched problems, which always happen to the process of retrofitting. Instead pairing new LED fixtures with pre-existing and older dimmer switches, we usually recommend purchasing new. Not only might there be compatibility issues between the two, but your dimmer switches might be aged out.

3. Choose high-quality and well-tested product

In the recently years, it's very common to see LED in the lighting market. When picking up fixtures, we must buy high-quality and well-tested product. Today's most reliable dimmable LEDs have been tested across a broad spectrum of control systems. In order to attract customers as many as possible, the majority of lighting manufacturers even publish compatibility and performance lists on their websites, detailing which of their products are compatible with certain controls systems, and how they performed when paired with those controls or dimmer switches. In this way, it's very easy for us to make decision. If you are still puzzled, please contact the customer services without hesitation. They'd like to find the right dimmable LED Lighting Fixtures for you and assist you solve all your questions.


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