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How to Choose the Most Suitable LED Lighting Fixtures

LED Lighting Fixtures, LED Flood Lighting    
2017-5-9 13:59:17    

Nowadays, tens and thousands of LED Lighting Fixtures has been appeared in lighting market. Do you feel overwhelmed or even have no idea about how to choose the most suitable fixture when facing so many kinds of LED Flood Lighting, high bay lighting, garage lighting? Now, let’s see the following few key questions that may work for your decisions.

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1. Are you working on a new construction project or just a remodel project?

If you are working on a new construction project, LED Flood Lighting is probably the best starting point to consider. In contrast of other LED Lighting Fixtures, LED Flood Lighting has already become the best seller fixtures up to now due to widely application. 

2. Do the project have had any special requirements in the installation of fixtures?

As we all know, unlike with traditional incandescent, every kind of fixture has different installation on the basis of customer demands. LED Lighting Fixtures has various kinds of installation methods, including hanging ring mount, universal bracket & slip fitter mount, surfaced mount, recessed mount, pendant mount, horizontal arm mount, etc. If customers have had some special demands, we could select the LED in accordance with the installation. 

3. Do you need to control the number and wattage of fixtures to meet some building codes?

In order to restrict building lighting, some countries have issued corresponding building codes, which are becoming more and more stringent in efficiency and control requirements. One of the requirements that you may face is the ratio of maximum fixture wattage to square footage. For this reason, you’d better carefully calculate the working efficiency for each fixture, including the amount of fixtures and total wattage to address the most suitable LED Lighting Fixtures. 

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