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Pros and Cons of LED Flood Lightings

LED Flood Lightings, LED Flood Lighting    
2017-5-9 11:58:14    

On behalf of LED lighting fixtures in new generation, LED Flood Lightings has been widely used in industrial and commercial lighting application. They can provide some of the best visual appeal in addition to carrying some of the longest life ratings and highest efficiency options in a lighting system. The internal features of flood lighting fixtures have determined that they are the most ideal substitute of traditional light source.

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It's no doubt that every coin has two sides and there's no exception with LED Flood Lightings. On one hand, they have had the superior pros that traditional fixtures are unable to surpass. On the other hand, their cons can't be overlooked. Here's a breakdown of the pros and cons.

LED Flood Lightings pros:

· Maximum control over light output

· Longer service time and energy efficiency than traditional lamps

· Lower maximum fixture wattage than traditional lamps, which is advantageous for meeting strict building codes or Title 24 standards

· Excellent performance for controls and dimming

LED Flood Lightings cons:

· Longer, more expensive in installation

· Higher up-front cost than traditional fixtures

· Due to radiator device, it is heavy in weight

· Potential for difficulty in upgrading to future emerging technologies

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