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The Differentia between LED High Bay Lighting & LED Flood Lighting

LED High Bay Lighting, LED Flood Lighting    
2017-5-8 12:00:02    

Last time, we mentioned that there are three differentiae between led high bay Lighting and LED Flood Lighting. Now let’s see more about them.

LED High Bay Lighting & LED Flood Lighting.jpg

First of all, the structures of fixtures are different.

From the pics in the above, we could see that the most part of the fixtures are the same except the upper part. LED High Bay Lighting Fixture has a U bracket and a hanging ring in the upper part. Instead, LED Flood Lighting Fixture only has a U bracket.

Next, the installation methods are different.

Due to the different structures of the two fixtures, their installation methods are not the same. Generally speaking, the installation method of LED High Bay is hanging ring mount while LED Flood Light is Universal hanging bracket, also including 180° Universal bracket and 360° Universal bracket.

Finally, the applications are different.

The major application of LED High Bay Lighting is factory, workshop, warehouses, road toll gates, petrol stations, supermarkets, convention center halls, airport passenger halls, garage, mine, etc. On the contrary, LED Flood Lighting is suitable for outdoor and/or dusty environment illumination such as for tunnels, billboards, building contour, public squares, sport stadiums, railway stations and harbors, car park, outdoor security lighting.

After being well-acquainted with the differentiae of two fixtures, we could pick up the best one based on our need. 

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