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LED High Bay Lighting Vs. LED Flood Lighting: Which Is Best for You?

LED High Bay Lighting, LED Flood Lighting    
2017-5-8 10:36:03    

The impact of LED lighting on the seeming endless sea of options is greater than just a new kind of fixture, but significantly more efficient one. LED technology has brought plenty of benefits to people, and one of them is LED fixture. Facing a large quantity of fixtures in the lighting market, this is a question people commonly address, ”I'd like to go with LED lighting, but how do I know if I should go with led high bay Lighting or LED Flood Lighting?”

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Of course, whether you're picking up a LED High Bay Lighting or LED Flood Lighting, you're probably well-acquainted with the lighting technology's many advantages. The important one to highlight here: the Lumen output, or brightness, doesn't depreciate with LED like it does with fluorescent or HID technology. The lumen output will remain the same over the life of the product whether you go with LED High Bay Lighting or LED Flood Lighting.

Now, take 200W LED lighting fixture of Edge series for example, let's address the similarity and differentia of each option.

LED lighting fixture similarity:

· Easy, quick installation

· Significant efficiency gain over traditional lighting (incandescent, halogen, fluorescent)

· Long life rating compared to traditional lighting

· Fixture modifications rarely necessary

· Easy replacement as new technologies comes out (better energy efficiency and high color rendering)

LED lighting fixture differentia

· The structures of fixtures are different.

· The installation methods are different.

· The applications are different.

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