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The Installation of LED Area Lighting Fixtures

LED Area Lighting Fixtures, LED Area Lighting    
2017-5-4 11:44:41    

Nowadays, LED Area Lighting Fixtures are suitable for roadway lighting, area lighting and outdoor parking lot lighting. So far, the area lighting fixtures in E-Lite have four installation methods, including fixed arm Mount, adjustable slip fitter mount, universal hanging bracket + slip fitter mount, universal hanging bracket. Now, let’s focus on the second method that is adjustable slip fitter mount. For high performance and long term reliability, the light should be installed in free air.

1. Open the fixture upper housing.

2. Remove splice compartment cover from lower fitter.

3. Assemble the upper fitter to the fixture upper housing using bolt provided. (Bolt B)

4. Close the fixture housing securely.

5. Assemble lower fitter onto upper fitter using bolt provided, making sure not to pinch “O” ring between fitters.Adjustable slip fitter mount.jpg

6. Strain relief is required for electrical connections on adjustable fitter mounts at heights of 25' (7.6 m) and above. Tie a knot in the supply wires above the hole in the lower fitter wiring compartment to reduce the strain on the connections. Make sure knot will not slip through hole.

7. Slip lower fitter over light pole and securely tighten two allen head set screws with 3/16" allen wrench to 18 ft. lbs. (24 N·m).

8. Make wire connections in splice compartment of adjustable fitter per the wiring diagram using methods that comply with all applicable codes.

9. Adjust fixture to desired aiming angle.

10. Tighten bolt in fitter splice compartment to approximately 19 ft. lbs. (25 N·m).

For other installation methods of LED Area Lighting Fixtures, please check the installation manual or contact customer service. 

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