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Warnings about Installing LED High Bay Lighting Fixtures

LED High Bay Lighting Fixtures    
2017-5-3 10:21:01    

Using only the highest quality components, led high bay Lighting Fixtures are designed for industrial applications where reliability and performance are CRItical as the fixtures maintenance is difficult or impossible, not to mention the high cost. Every component of the High Bay Lighting has been carefully engineered to provide the most reliable performance and bring across many benefits of utilizing solid state lighting technology in industrial applications. It is rated IP65/IP66, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Product Features:

· Multiple choice of optical lenses

· Patented thermal management allows -30℃ to 45℃ ambient Working Temperature

· System light efficacy 130 lm/W

· 5 years warranty, up to 100,000 hours long life

· Easy installation and maintenance

To avoid the risk of fire, explosion, or electric shock, LED High Bay Lighting Fixtures should be installed, inspected, and maintained by a qualified electrician only, in accordance with all applicable electrical codes.

To avoid electric shock:

· Be certain electrical power is OFF before and during installation and maintenance.

· Luminaire must be connected to a wiring system with an equipment-grounding conductor.

· Make sure the supply voltage is the same as the rated luminaire voltage.

· Do not operate in ambient temperatures above those indicated on the luminaire nameplate.

· Avoid using LED High Bay Lighting in environments containing sulfur, chlorine, or other halides, methyl acetate or ethyl acetate, cyanoacrylates, glycol ethers, formaldehyde or butadiene.

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