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Announcements about Application of LED Flood Lighting

LED Flood Lighting, Flood Lighting    
2017-5-2 10:41:06    

LED Flood Lighting is a kind of point light source, which is capable of lighting up all the directions evenly. Besides, the range of beam angle is adjustable at will. So far, LED Flood Lighting is the most widely used light source during the production of effect drawing. What’s more, a standard Flood Lighting fixture is able to illuminate the whole scene. Since that so many people use flood lighting, it’s necessary for us to see the announcements during using.

LED Flood Lighting.jpgColor temperature

The color temperature of fixtures must be consistent and stable without change even long time high temperature. The color temperature of conventional halogen lamp is only 2700K, while LED Flood Lighting is about 4500K – 5500K. Some LED fixtures in the market are easy to change color. But even worse, the deviation of color temperature is large.  

Color rendering index (CRI)

The value of CRI directly determines whether the fixture could reflect the real color of object. The CRI of both sun and conventional halogen lamp are 100. According to the relevant regulation of country, the CRI of LED is must larger than 80. Actually, only some of high quality manufacturers can reach or even exceed 80.

Life time

On the basis of LED application standard, the Lumen efficacy of LED Flood Lighting must maintain 70% or even more after 25,000 hours later. Meanwhile, the beam angle is good without any dazzling.  

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