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LED Lighting Fixtures Vs LED Area Lighting Fixtures

LED Lighting Fixtures, LED Area Lighting Fixtures    
2017-4-28 10:40:07    

The lighting fixtures in stadium are a very important facility to various kinds of sporting events because it not only satisfies the needs of athletes, but also reaches the broadcast effect of different televisions and internets. Obviously, LED Lighting Fixtures are unable to apply in area lighting. That's because they are not specialize in the design of stadium. Besides, they may have the phenomenon of Lumen depreciation, uneven illumination or dazzling. Then what is the distinction of LED Lighting Fixtures and LED Area Lighting Fixtures?

LED Area Lighting.jpgFirstly, LED Area Lighting has a strong heat dissipation system to avoid lumen depreciation.

A 450W LED Lighting Fixture produces a large number of heat energy after working several hours. If the heat dissipation system is not good, the material losses in fixtures would increase rapidly to lead lumen depreciation finally. In order to solve the difficult problem of heat dissipation, LED Area Lighting are researched and developed by engineers, whose benefit is to ensure illuminance and degree of uniformity constantly as long as 5,000 hours.

Secondly, LED Area Lighting applies intelligent control to avert insufficient illuminance.

As we all know, LED Lighting Fixtures haven't had any intelligent control while single lighting design can't meet the need of area lighting. On the contrary, LED Area Lighting fixtures have had intelligent control system so as to control lighting by internet, GRPS or Wifi. In this way, it effectively avoids the darkness areas in stadium.

Finally, LED Area Lighting fixtures have had special optical design to eradicate dazzling.

As the essential part of core technology, Area Lighting fixtures have dealt with the problem of dazzling, uneven illumination, etc. However, without professional process, LED lighting fixtures are dazzling in the stadium or even affect sporting events. 

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