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Suggestions about Selecting LED Garage Light Bulbs

LED Garage Light Bulbs, Garage Lighting Fixture    
2017-4-27 10:21:37    

A large quantity of LED bulbs appears in the lighting market so that we have no idea about how to select the most suitable ones. Now, let's introduce some methods about picking up the best LED Garage Light bulbs for you.

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Quality of lamp bead

Lamp bead is essential to the whole garage lighting fixture, because its quality is in direct relation to chip quality and packaging technique.

LED driver

In contrast of other accessories of fixture, the service time of LED driver is much shorter. It directly influences the longevity of fixture. Theoretically, the service time of lamp bead is about 50,000 – 100,000, while LED driver is 2,000 – 30,000. Actually, the life time of LED driver is determined by the design and material.

Power factor

If the design of LED driver and circuit is not very good, the power factor of garage lighting fixture is a little low, which greatly decreases the life time of fixture. In other words, even though the lamp bead is good, the longevity of fixture is not too long if the power factor is low.

IP grade

The working condition of LED Garage Light bulbs is bad. Therefore, the picking up fixtures must have the property of waterproof, dustproof and corrosion prevention. Generally, the garage lighting fixtures with IP65 or higher is much more reliable.

Heat dissipation

It is another factor to affect the service time of LED Garage Light. The better the heat dissipation is, the longer the service time is. 

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