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How to Maintain LED Flood Lighting Bulbs?

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2017-4-26 10:55:29    

Spring is the most important season for all LED lights, including LED Flood Lighting Bulbs. What’s the reason? Both temperature and humidity in spring are suitable. Therefore, as a senior LED lighting manufacturer, we suggest all LED users to maintain bulbs in spring. Then how to maintain so many lights? Let’s focus on Flood Lighting Bulbs.

LED Flood Lighting.jpg1. After used for a long period of time, we should change the light source timely on the basis of specification which provided by manufacturers. In addition, if the bulbs occur to stroboflash or shadow, change the power at once to avoid ballasts being burnt out.

2. In contrast of other fixtures, the structure of LED Flood Lighting Bulbs is very special. Before maintaining, cut off the power. Pay attention to keep the bulbs as they are and don’t change the components at will during cleaning. After that, install the components correctly without any missing or wrong binding.

3. If we want to clean the lamp shade, it’s necessary to take a look at the manual and understand the performance and structure of fixtures before open the shade. Regularly cleaning fixtures could help us not only improve the Luminous efficacy and heat dissipation but also effectively prolong the service time.

4. If the lamp shade is broken, contact your manufacturer to purchase a new one with the same wattage. Every LED Flood Lighting Bulb has a fixed shade. In this way, we cannot change it with other size. This is also an important method to protect bulbs. 

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