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Why LED Canopy Lights for Gas Station Is Easy to Be Broken?

LED Canopy Lights for Gas Station,    
2017-4-25 11:22:20    

With the popularization of LED Light fixtures, more and more gas station has changed their fixtures into LED Canopy Lights. In order to totally reflect their advantages, we’d better frequently maintenance to promise them work in good condition. Then why LED Canopy Lights for gas station is easy to be broken and how to safely use them to prolong their service time?

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Quality of fixtures

In contrast of high quality LED light fixtures, interior fixtures are much easier to be broken. Therefore, when picking up fixtures, it’s necessary to purchase products from high-end brand manufacturers, whose fixtures are guaranteed.

Make use of fixtures correctly

Gas station is a relatively dangerous application and all LED Canopy Lights for gas station have anti-explosion function. Before using, we should carefully read the product manuals provided by manufacturers and employ them correctly, aiming to avoid any accidents.

The value of current

Focus on the current of LED light fixture in the circuit during operation. If it exceeds the rated current, some components in driven power may be burnt out or breakdown.

The problem of water mist

LED lights are always assembled by several different materials so that they would send out heat during working. Due to the temperature difference between the internal and external of lamp shade, the internal gas would condensate and change into water vapor. Obviously, the formation of water vapor is closely linked to surroundings. The moister the surroundings are, the more the number of water vapor is. After switch on the light for a short period of time, this phenomenon disappears automatically. Thus it can be seen moist environment also influences the service time of LED Canopy Lights. 

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