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The Reasons about LED Flood Lighting Bulbs Flicker

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2017-4-24 10:40:38    

Nowadays, LED Flood Lighting bulbs has been widely used in different applications, such as tunnels, billboards, public squares, sport stadiums, factories, railway stations and harbors, car park, outdoor security lighting, and so forth. Since that they are applied to many places, some of them may occur to trouble more or less, for instance, bulbs flicker. Then, what are the reasons about LED Flood Lighting bulbs flicker?


1. LED lamp beads can't match with driven power. In normal condition, single 1W lamp bead can bear 280-300mA current and 3.0-3.4V voltage. If the chip of lamp bead is less than 1W, the bulbs would flicker. When the current is so high that bead can’t bear any more, the built-in gold wiring or copper wiring may be blown out. As a result, the bead can't light up.

2. The driven power is out of order. If so, change another one in good condition, the flicker phenomenon of LED Flood Lighting bulbs would disappear immediately.

3. If the driven power has the function of over-temperature protection while the thermal diffusivity of material doesn't satisfy the demand, it would appear flicker when the over-temperature protection working. For example, a 50W case is assembled 100W flood lighting bulb. Obviously, the heat dissipation device can't work in normal at this moment.

4. If outdoor bulbs flicker now and then, the bulb must be inflow water. After flicker for a while, the bead and power were broken. Only change the bead of LED Flood Lighting bulbs at once on condition that there's no problem with the water proof. 

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