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How to Distinguish the Quality of LED Flood Lighting Bulbs

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2017-4-21 11:01:56    

LED Flood Lighting is mainly applied to outdoor lighting. After suffered from vagaries of climate for a long period of time in outdoor environment, if the quality of flood light bulbs is not good enough, it would directly influence the luminance of whole lighting area. Therefore, it’s necessary to learn how to distinguish the quality of LED Flood Lighting Bulbs.

LED Flood Lighting.jpgIn general, LED Flood Light is consisted by die-cast aluminum case, LED chips, power supply and reflector.

Die-cast aluminum case

The case determines the condition of heat dissipation of the bulb, including the Lumens depreciation within normal limits. At the present time, most of LED Flood Lighting suppliers outsource accessories and then assemble them together, consequently, they never consider about the heat dissipation of products. Some manufacturers even choose waste materials to shorten cost because customers can’t distinguish the quality of aluminium product by naked eyes. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase the bulbs from the manufacturers that the quality can be guaranteed. Not only that, we must carefully examine the thickness and weight.

LED chips

Check the LED chips by microscope and confirm whether they are from the manufactures that the suppliers promised and the size of chips meet the need. Chips are variety in shape so that we could affirm the quality by the place of origin and specification of manufacturers. Most often, import chips are better than homemade while big size chips are be superior to small size.

Power supply

It is the heart of LED Flood Lighting bulbs because it controls the longevity of bulbs. The quality of power supply is determined by conversion efficiency and Power factor. We could estimate the fluctuation of the two numerical values by dynamometer so as to understand the stability of power. In addition, we could check the temperature. High temperature would damage the bulbs immensely.  

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