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How Could LED Flood Lighting Save Energy and Protect Environment

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2017-4-19 11:10:03    

LED Flood Lighting is a new generation of lighting products, which features on energy saving and environmental protection, no mercury, recycle and reuse, high efficiency, long lifetime, instant reaction, small color attenuation, abundance of color and so forth. It is much stronger than conventional CFL in the function of dimming. In the recently years, LED street light has been treated as the most optimum selection in the energy saving reconstruction of roadway lighting. Based on this view, how could LED Flood Light save energy and protect environment?

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At present, a good and energy efficiency LED Flood Lighting is primarily comprised by four parts, which contain high quality LED chip, suitable radiator, constant current and isolated power supply, effective heat lamp shade.

LED chip

The temperature of high quality LED chip rises slowly with high efficiency. Therefore, the color rendering index is high and antistatic capacity is strong.

Heat dissipation

Even though LED is cold light source, it still need heat dissipation device. As time goes on, the temperature of conventional fixture becomes higher and higher, while the temperature of LED light won't change too much because of suitable radiator.  

Power supply

It's a compulsory index whether power supply can withstand high temperature, high humidity, high voltage and electromagnetic compatibility. It finally determines the longevity of energy efficiency LED Flood light.

Lamp Shade

LED lamp shade has the ability of weakening the luminance of fixture greatly because light source would stimulate eyes. In the lighting market, the majority of fixtures are applied to PC material, which has the following advantages.

  • It is high transmitting, and diffusion without glare and shadow.

  • Convert the beam angle from power supply into spherical surface.

  • The light transmittance is as high as 94%.

  • It has high flame retardancy and impact strength. 

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